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When I want to be entertained, I turn to books, movies and TV shows. The good ones are those that reel me in. They tell stories that are riveting, meaningful, smart and, as a key bonus, funny. They make me believe, for the moment, that the world they created is real. They portray characters I sympathize with, and whose lives I care about, whether hero or villain. Bonus points if the antagonist has redeeming qualities, and the protagonist has flaws.

Conversely, I avoid stories with flat characters and predictable plots. And because I do not equate angst with entertainment, I also avoid suspense thrillers, violence, cruelty, torture, blood, guts and gore — unless the plot is exceptional.

Most of the fare here is from pop culture. Rarely do I tangle with obscure pieces, unless highly recommended by someone whose judgment I trust.

21 responses to “About This Blog

  1. I’m interested on whatever reviews you’ll post in. I’m also a lover of books, movies and TV series so this will definitely be a useful blog to me. When it comes to books though, I cannot find time reading now unlike when I was in high school. Anyways, I’m also not into action, thriller or horror unless the plot is good. Looking forward for your posts!


  2. I am ready to read about your reviews. Great stories and great characters are what I look for in a movie/book/tv show, so looking forward to read your posts!


    • Hi, Joel. I hope you will like the great stories and characters that I write about. I tend not to review a piece if I don’t like it, unless I have a major issue with it. Thanks for following my blog. I’m heading over to your page now.


      • I am sure I will! I would be the same as you, and write about the characters/stories I like, or like you mentioned, if you have a particular issue with something. It is my pleasure and look forward to discussing more films/books/etc… in the near future 🙂
        PS: Thank you for putting “Spoiler Alert” in your “Saving Mr. Banks” writeup…I still have not had a chance to see it, so I had to stop reading, and will get back to it when I will have a chance to 🙂


  3. I like your new style! Even easier to browse your posts…well done!


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  6. Hello Fay! I am creating a guest blog post series on “What Stories Mean to you”. It could be about Films, TV, books, anything that inspired you, touched you, or has a particular meaning to you, as long as it connects back to story. I’ll start in Sept and it will be weekly (every Friday). Are you interested in participating? Let me know! info@chesfilms.com


  7. Hi Fay! I just wanted to touch base with you and share my guest blogging series and see if you are still interested! Here is the link: http://wp.me/p4tMKY-8d
    Hope you will be able to join in!


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