I am a lover of literature in any form.

Books used to be my favorite form of entertainment. I’ve read more books than seen movies. But when I worked as a copywriter in an ad agency, I learned about production values, which made me appreciate the silver screen — big and small. And with the advent of highly-sophisticated special effects, the movie and TV experience now offers something that the written word cannot.

I started this blog for four reasons:

  1.  People ask me about books before they read them, whether modern or classic. So I have an idea what it is they want to know.
  2. Professional movie and TV critics tend to leave out certain stuff in their reviews, like the plot being insipid, or the violence too graphic, or the ending too depressing — things which I would have wanted to know so that I could have avoided the show instead of being reeled in (pun intended) to watch.
  3. Books get made into movies and TV shows, and many people want to know: should I read the book? Should I watch the movie or TV show?
  4. There are certain elements in storytelling that are interesting to discuss, such as casting, plot, stereotypes, and my favorite topic, celebrities.

I want to share with you what I think of these forms of literature in a way that your friend would share with you. In fact, after reading my reviews, I hope you think of me as a friend.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my reviews, or suggest materials to review.



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  1. I am almost out of books to read for the summer! I want to read something new/different from my usual fare, any suggestions?


    • I highly recommend Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. He’s a barrelful of laughs, and you won’t easily run out of those books, as there are more than thirty in the series. How about some of the classics? The John Carter series of books (seven books about Mars) by Edgar Rice Burroughs was the inspiration for George Lucas’ Star Wars series. Perhaps The Martian Chronicles , Fahrenheit 451 and An Illustrated Man, all by the poetically-inclined Ray Bradbury (Steven Spielberg’s muse), and all in various stages of development in Hollywood. I’m guessing you’ve read Asimov already. But if I’m wrong, then he is another prolific writer whose wit and imagination will inspire you, as it did Hollywood (The Bicentennial Man and I, Robot). Also, if you haven’t read them yet, the Sherlock Holmes series of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is interesting not only for its own sake, but also for the sake of comparing them to the ubiquitous reincarnations hitting the big and small screen. Finally, the Master: Edgar Allan Poe. He is the inspiration of Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and many other fantasy writers. I hold him in the highest esteem.


  2. Done with most of those except for most of Pratchett’s work (read 3 I think). I was meaning to read the John Carter series, thanks for the reminder. Great idea on Poe, I’ve actually never read any of his works; any suggestions on which to pick up first?


    • The most lauded short stories of Edgar Allan Poe are Fall of the House of Usher and The Tell-Tale Heart. His most famous and awesome poem is The Raven. You can download the free eBook from Project Gutenberg. They have his complete works in five volumes. The iBookstore also has the free eBooks in five volumes. Amazon, offers the same.

      If you like historical books, you can pick up James Michener, another prolific writer whose stories are very well researched. Among my favorites are Hawaii and Alaska. There is also Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett — erstwhile spy thriller writer turned historical novelist. And, of course, James Clavell. His Shogun is seminal.

      I wonder if you are familiar with Jeffrey Archer? His genre would be political, historical/thriller/drama. Start with Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less, then go on to Kane and Abel, and The Prodigal Daughter. His plots are brilliant.


  3. What are you reading?
    I am experimenting with my Goodreads list on my blog. Not sure how it works yet. I’m looking for Goodreads buddies if you’re on it.


    • Hi there. I am currently reading Game of Thrones and re-reading the John Carter series of Edgar Rice Burroughs. You can find me on Goodreads: Fay Crisanto. I would love to be your buddy.


  4. Hi 🙂 I don’t know how to ask you this, but… Want to be my blogging buddy? 😀


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