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The Plot

I am a lover of literature and entertainment in any form.

Books used to be my favorite form of entertainment. I’ve read more books than seen movies. But when I worked as a copywriter in an ad agency, I learned about production values, which made me appreciate the silver screen — big and small. And with the advent of highly-sophisticated special effects, the movie and TV experience now offers something that the written word cannot.

I started this blog for four reasons:

  1. To give people an idea what the book, movie or TV show is about, based on the questions I am often asked when friends seek my recommendations;
  2. To write about things that professional movie and TV critics tend to leave out in their reviews, like the plot being insipid, or the violence too graphic, or the ending too depressing—things that I would have wanted to know so that I could have avoided the show instead of being reeled in (pun intended) to watch;
  3. To help people decide whether they should read the book before watching the movie or TV show;
  4. To discuss interesting elements in storytelling, such as casting, plot, stereotypes, and my favorite topic, celebrities.

I want to share with you what I think of these forms of entertainment, in a way that your friend would share with you. In fact, after reading my reviews, I hope you think of me as a friend.

Feel free to ask me any questions about my reviews, or suggest materials to review.

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