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When I Found “Lost Girl.”

If you like fantasy programs such as Once Upon a Time, Grimm or Supernatural, you should add Lost Girl to your watch list.

Anna Silk as Bo the succubus

It is about a sexy and desirable mythical character called a succubus who grows up not knowing that she is fae (a being with magical powers). She learns about it in the first episode, when she encounters other fae who are aligned with either the light clan or the dark clan.

Don’t worry, this is not about a battle between good and evil. This alignment merely has to do with valuing human lives. There are good fae in the dark clan, and bad fae in the light clan, and it all boils down to politics. The clans are not there to eliminate each other, but to police the discipline in their own ranks.

The dictionary defines succubus as “a female demon who makes love to sleeping men.” But in this series, the succubus Bo is no demon (though she is female), and the other mythical creatures are no stereotypes either. For instance, there is a siren who is male, a leprechaun who is human-sized, and a frost giant who is not a giant. Thus, we get something familiar, with interesting tweaks.

What got me hooked on this series is that in the first five minutes, Bo slings a girl over her shoulders, fireman-style, to save her from a lech. The girl, Kenzi, is human. The act tells me that Bo is a caring person who is strong when needed. This is what I like to see in female characters. I cringe when women are portrayed as helpless and ditzy.

Ksenia Solo as Kenzi the human

Throughout the series, Bo does not disappoint in standing up for herself, or even kicking butt when necessary. And the developing friendship with the brash, colorful, and fashionable Kenzi is a roller coaster ride of laughter and tears–but mostly laughter. This is another reason I was hooked on this series. It is not a comedy, but the humorous scenes are so good. My particular favorite is when a spell caused them to regress to childhood, and they gathered round Dyson the werewolf, dancing to the tune of Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf.

Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson the werewolf

Another awesome character is Evany the Morrigan, the head of the dark fae. Luscious, glamorous and sexy, she comes across as nasty to the core. Then, somewhere down the line, a mesmer forces her to do a silly dance routine in her lacey underwear. And the haughty beauty pulls off a hilarious and convincing turn as victim. Definitely one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

Emmanuelle Vaugier as Evany the Morrigan

Because Bo and Kenzi have styled themselves as private investigators into mysteries that the police do not believe, the series exposes us to all the various mythical creatures that supposedly co-exist with humans. Norse, Greek, and Roman gods are not included, but Valkyries are. There are also many creatures from other parts of the globe, such as the Indonesian garuda, the Russian baba yaga, the Buddhist naga, the Arabic djinn, and the Philippine tikbalang.

There are many hilariously snarky one-liners in this series, such as the  comment made about Bo’s unfinished dwellings, “I like what you haven’t done to the place.” There is also much eye candy, what with the sexy cast in sexy clothes. Special mention to that episode where a more seasoned succubus is able to enthrall men to do her bidding, and staffs her household with muscle-rippling shirtless hunks.

Careful, though, about the episode “Death Didn’t Become Him,” as it features a gory flesh-eating dark fae.

Most of the episodes are good, very good, or excellent. The plots are not predictable, and the characters are not all they seem. Some will surprise you with what they have been planning all along. Many episodes have that feel-good happy ending, while some are depressing. Only a handful of episodes are so-so.

There are a couple of shortcomings, however. The first is common to many scripts. That is, they present details that seem important, but turn out not to have any further significance. The second is that there are a few episodes that seem to build up to an epic confrontation, but fall short.

There are scenes that are rated R, so this is not for children.

Overall, this is a unique and interesting fantasy series that is sexy, funny, interesting, creative, and only sometimes scary.

Rating: four hearts out of five ♥♥♥♥

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